What we do

  • Research on media content (radio, press, internet, television), identifying key actors and marginalised actors, communications strategies used, mechanisms of exclusion and domination, rhetorical resources
  • Training in group communication, moderation, designing social consultations and stakeholder dialogue, reporting on the processes of social dialogue
  • Communications audits in organisations
  • Lectures and seminars


  • stakeholder dialogue processes
  • processes of participatory formation of strategies and organisational policies
  • Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and actions
What we do

Policies created in dialogue

In order to be effective, social actions must be the result of an agreement between people and bring measurable benefits to various groups. Public policies, as well as the social policies of companies and organisations, should therefore be the result of constructive dialogue between various stakeholders.

This requires, on the one hand, capacities of critical analysis within the sphere of public discourses, and on the other, effective planning of communications processes geared towards producing specific results.

We offer support in discourse analysis and designing processes of dialogue on the key problems of public institutions, non-profit organisations and business entities.

We specialise in analyses of media discourses (also archival) associated with specific topics; institutional discourses and designing dialogue processes – including creating participatory strategies, and social policies in organisations (parenting, educational, diversity management etc.).

Policies created in dialogue